Welcome to Gate 6c.
Right off the top, let me elaborate on what motivated me to start this blog. Like many, I enjoy the occasional escape from life’s daily hassles. I’ve made it a habit to visit at least 2 new places every year. As a result, I’ve had some great experiences, and met some wonderful people along the way.
Through this blog I’ll hopefully be able to share those experiences with you, while also connecting with others around the world.
This blog will specifically be dedicated to reviewing travel experiences, ranging from flights, hotels and restaurants. From time to time I’ll share some travel tips and deals that hopefully will enhance your travel experience or save you some money (or both). Since I’m based out of Bahrain, my posts are going to be very GCC-centric.
I’ll coordinate posts between this blog with my Instagram @gate6c, so if you enjoy the content here, please give me a follow.