Spain Vacation Bundle

Hello there.

You might already be aware that throughout this week, I’ll be posting vacation bundles of popular destinations for Eid Al Adha, including:

Each vacation bundle post will include flight and hotel options for 2 people, so you can choose what suits you best. All vacation bundles run for the period of 4 to 11 September 2017 (8 days in total).

Again, before we go any further, here are a few important notes:

  • I am not sponsored or affiliated with any party mentioned in this post
  • This post was written out of my own interest in travel, and the desire to share this interest with as many people as possible
  • All hotels recommended in this post are options that I would personally consider when travelling
  • Prices indicated in this post might change from the time of posting
  • Don’t rely solely on information in this post
  • Make sure you verify all information, terms and conditions before making any bookings

Now that the intro is out of the way, let’s talk Spain. This post will look at both Barcelona and Madrid. On the surface, this destination is a bit of a hot destination during September. Tickets are still reasonably priced, but quality accommodation options are drying up fast, especially Madrid. If you’re intent on going to Spain during Eid, I’d recommend booking your accommodation pretty soon.



4 September 2017: Bahrain (BAH) to Barcelona (BCN)

3 nights in Barcelona

7 September 2017: Barcelona to Madrid

4 nights in Madrid

11 September 2017: Madrid (MAD) to Bahrain (BAH)


Flight Options

Flight options are still pretty reasonable. For convenience’s sake, the inbound flight is to Barcelona, and the return flight has been set out of Madrid. There’s not much difference in terms of price between budget carriers and traditional carriers. I’d personally pick Emirates despite the difference in price, as the cost of luggage is included in the ticket cost.

  • Pegasus: BD 204/person (includes carry-on luggage only)
  • Emirates: BD 258/person
  • KLM: BD 273/person



Barcelona Accommodation Options

There are so many quality accommodation options that are reasonably priced. The options outlined below are all pretty close to La Rambla, so you’ll be pretty close to all the action.



Option 1: Acta CITY47

Cost for 3 nights: BD 168 (BD 56/night)




Option 2: Hotel Gotico

Cost for 7 nights: BD 176 (BD 59/night)




Option 3: Hotel Grums Barcelona

Cost for 3 nights: BD 183 (BD 61/night)




Option 4: Pol & Grace Hotel

Cost for 3 nights: BD 191 (BD 64/ night)





Option 5: Aparthotel Mariano Cubi Barcelona

Cost for 3 nights: BD 192 (BD 64/night)




Madrid Accommodation Options

It was extremely difficult to find quality accommodation options in Madrid at a reasonable price. I’d suggest booking as soon as possible if you want to lock in a good deal because prices are just going to go up from here.



Option 1: Apartamento Moncloa

Cost for 4 nights: BD 145 (BD 36/night)




Option 2: Apartamento Colon

Cost for 4 nights: BD 158 (BD 40/night)




Option 3: L&H La Latina

Cost for 4 nights: BD 185 (BD 46/night)




Option 4: L&H Plaza Mayor

Cost for 4 nights: BD 201 (BD 50/night)





Option 5: NoMad Rastro (Penthouse Apartment)

Cost for 4 nights: BD 207 (BD 52/night)



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